The first technology in precision agriculture for total tracking of agricultural activities

The Total Trac digital platform offers an integrated ecosystem for complete farm management, ensuring the tracking of the Sustainable Agri-Food Chain.

In line with the European Green Deal and the “Farm to Fork” strategy, this technology aims to accelerate the transition to agri-food systems.

Why choose
Total Trac

Agricultural equipment with Total Trac technology allows automatic recording of the date, position, quantity and product used during the relevant agronomic activities.

  • Traceability of Agronomic Activity
  • Verification of actual raw material consumption
  • Document automation
  • Access to incentives
  • Optimising the use of seeds, fertilisers and phytosanitary products
  • Single user interface for all compatible equipment
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Who is Total Trac for?

Total Trac technology is designed to offer specific benefits for each player in the agri-food chain.
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Total Trac:
a PFN solution for Precision Agriculture

Precision Farming Network was born from the experience gained in the field of leading agricultural mechanisation companies and their desire to combine agricultural equipment with a digital service to support farmers.

Precision Farming Network works with leading academic institutions, engineering figures and the most established software and hardware companies in the agri-mechanical sector to create the best possible work table, so that efficiency and innovation emerge in an industry that has seen a marked delay in digitisation processes.

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The first App offering total traceability for every agricultural activity.
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