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Precision Farming Network was born from the experience gained in the field of leading agricultural mechanisation companies and their desire to combine agricultural equipment with a digital service to support farmers.

Precision Farming Network Srl was established as a result of the desire of its founding members to contribute to the “European Green Deal” through the development and promotion of enabling technologies for the “Farm to Fork” strategy.

In particular, the first of these technologies, called “Total Trac”, allows the European Community’s main objective of accelerating the transition to sustainable food systems to be achieved.

The technologies developed and currently under development by PFN are aimed at all players in the agri-food chain: agricultural equipment manufacturers, the food industry, seed, fertiliser and pesticide producers, large retailers, inspection bodies and contractors.

Precision Farming Network Srl is open to collaboration with all players in the agri-food chain who share the goal of improving the sustainability of food systems.

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