Currently, the traceable activities are sowing, fertilisation and protection.
Yes, because Total Trac is compatible with ISOBUS.
Yes, because Total Trac is compatible with CAN-BUS.
PFN Srl is happy to arrange the installation of the appropriate kit.
There are two ways: through access to the PFN portal or by downloading the Total Trac app. You will be given access credentials for both methods.
The Total Trac App can be downloaded, however, tracking only works when connected to attachments with Total Trac technology.
Yes, the Total Trac app is free of charge, however, data tracking requires the purchase and installation of the kit.
On all available sowing, spraying, fertilising and haymaking attachments already set up or compatible.
Sowing, spraying, fertilising and haymaking.
The data remains the sole property of the farmer or farm that decides to enter them into the Total Trac application. Find out more about our data processing policy by going to our Privacy & data page..
The connection is guaranteed by the data transmission module already included in the kit.
Not only! With Total Trac you can track data from your farm, but you can also decide to share your information with technicians, associations, storage centres, wholesalers, and processors to enable tracking throughout the supply chain.
Of course, if you forget or want to change your password you will be directed to the appropriate user area.

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