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Electronics are certainly a way of increasing the levels of safety, effectiveness, precision and efficiency of agricultural machinery.

In the past, however, prior to the introduction of ISOBUS, each manufacturer used its own solutions which had to be adapted to the various tractor/attachment combinations.

ISOBUS aims to simplify these operations by working on a plug-and-play solution:

  • One single interface for a wide range of equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • All signals relating to speed, lower attachment position, PTO speed, etc. are available in a standardised form for each implement.
  • Communication between the attachment and the farm management system is also standardised

The international standard ISO 11783 (ISOBUS) defines the communication between agricultural machines, mainly tractors and attachments, and the transfer of data between these machines and the software applications used on farms.

ISOBUS standard equipment is compatible with PFN traceability solutions.

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